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BibleFile Pro - the Bible for MacOS and Windows


Overview at BibleFile Pro:

8 bible texts in the same application:



Darby Version 1890
American Standard Version 1901
King James Version 1769


Schlachter-Bibel 1951
Elberfelder-Bibel 1905
Luther-Bibel 1912



Version Darby 1991
Version Segond/Nouvelle Edition de Genève 1979


Productive access to the Bible texts:

  • efficient search functions
  • various possibilities to print or export verses
  • possibility to add parallels and assign a keyword to each verse (over 2'000 parallels and more than 20 key words are already added)
  • own remarks to verses, chapters and books
  • manifold user-selectable preferences

Informations around the Bible:

  • various chronological tables and overviews

Easy to use:

  • All functions can be executed by clicking on buttons
  • Online Help for each function
  • Have a look at some screenshots to get persuaded!

Minimum System requirements:

  • MacOS: Power Macintosh with 32 MB RAM; MacOS 8.1 and newer
  • NEW: optimised version for Mac OS X
  • Windows: 32 MB RAM; Windows 95, 98, 2000, Me, NT 4.0
  • 120 MB of free hard disk space
  • a CD-ROM drive

Availability and price:

  • You can download a fully functional demo version
  • If you are convinced, you can order the BibleFile Pro CD-ROM directly from this page
  • the price for the CD-ROM is now only CHF 30.- including shipping fees
  • if you live in Switzerland, I will send you an invoice; in other countries: cash on delivery (additional fee of CHF 10.-).

And now - download the Trial version of BibleFile Pro!


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BibleFile Pro 3.0 has been developed with FileMaker Pro 5.5

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